Critica por favor o meu elevado ego


my ego’s in the floor

música — João Oliveira @ 20:29

your depression ain’t disappear if your thoughts keep crowdin’ you
your tears don’t mean shit if you’re a man, just keep ’em down in you
i know you sad as fuck and you just keep it deep down in you
i do the same shit, as a man, that’s all i’m allowed to do
it’s hard to be happy when all the sad shit is cloudin’ you
sometimes it would be nice to fuckin’ hear a “i’m proud of you”

i don’t eat anymore, my self esteem is too low
my ego’s in the floor
my confidence packed its bag and left the key at the door
changed its lock on the pad, lately, i just been mad
i’m fuckin’ mad at myself
i let myself go and now i’m fuckin’ mad at my health

nothing about this is normal, i’m just a man in his shell
and when the dark is creeping still
and life really start to hit, when shit start to get real
it really makes me wish that i popped those fuckin’ pills
it makes me wish i jumped when i wanted to feel the thrill

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